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Nostradamus C2 Q57: The trail of death that follows believers in the Christ myths.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 57 Nostadamus' recognition of an African capital as centre for new ChristHere in this verse Nostradamus details how the hunt for the Holy Grail manifests itself in the stories of the future. Anagrams for bromate,  and nitrate generate a chemical them while the text and other anagrams suggest this same factor plus the impact of motor fuel causes harm in the capital of Africa. Its story line is consistent with that of C2 Q56 which sees the source of these chemicals in fallen asteroids at the time the futuristic recreation of a Christ clone takes place.

The anagrams from which this verses meaning can be rebuilt include:

1. Aura cannot let functional tomb area bear bromate danger to dormant Grael
2. Busiest motor enlarged planet; random danger damn gentile
3. Africa capital map grant any era Pauls pall
4. Suuedef uel persuade pursued angels used nitrate in retreat
Before the conflict the great wall will fall,
The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented
Born imperfect: the greater part will swim:
Near the river the land stained with blood.
Auant conflict le grand tombera
Le grand a mort mort trop Subite et plainte
Nay imparfaict la plus part nagera
Aupres du fleuue de ſang la terre tainte
L1: <Afunctional / unfActional bromate><functional tomb danger><mob granted functional Area><tomb danger nonfactuAl era>

L2: <and pilate gentLer stupor bite><dormant graeL inate><graeL damn motor><garamond entaiL><gentiLe plate><tr-Ust pro motor bit><morta-l danger><latin enLarged>notradam

L3: <maNy pair paul past-arrange><africa agent uppsalr aryaN imp><~pauls far arena impy capital grant~><uppsala era grant maNy pairf><mayaN pair>

L4: <~anglaterre Persuades uueedS taint fuel~>< pursued eAt Seed fleuu in retreat><later persuAde nitrate fuel uueedS>petrAeus terrain
1: Notradam, past-arrange, capital, seauueed,
2: afunctional, unfactional, functional, nonfactual, Aryan,
3: Mayan,
4: Gentile,
5: Garamond,
6: dormant (2x), Pilate,
7: cannot, regrant, motor, feuds,
8: bromate, Petraeus, pursued / usurped, pliant,
9: nitrate / tertian, Priam, ,
10: many, 
11: Uppsala, gentler, Africa, uueeds/ Suuede
12: stupor, uacant, arena,
13: gentle, retreat,
14: -
16: Uppsalr,
17: argental, grandma,
18: slang,
19: -
20: amber,
21: petal / plate / leapt,
22: conflict, random, Armand, monad,
23: tomb,

Notradam, arrange-past, sea-weed, Aryan, functional, gentile, capital, Garamond, dormant, Pilate cannot, regrant, Petraeus, bromate, motor, feuds, nitrate, pursued, many, gentler, Africa, weeds, refine, arena, Uppsala, tomb, retreat.


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