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Nostradamus C3 Q35: The eloquent leader who directs a terror operation involving radiation.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Within Spain or Portugal an eloquent leader beguiles the oldest child of the royal family. He also convinces a couple with african ancestry to carry a new form of radioactive material to further his military aims. By this action they contaminate the royal lineage and change the nature of man's future.

The anagrams from which the frame for this verse can be rebuilt include:

plus proof Flodden incocted undirected Deuteron power
Du plus profond de l'Occident d'Europe

strain parted raw genes June genus even fan infantas disparate radiants
De pauures gens vn jeune enfant naiſtra

equip San-Graal upraisal use derives arranged route
Qui par ſa langue ſeduira grande troupe

arsonist son born wait gender gene oriented pointer curls
Son bruit au regne d'Orient plus croiſtra

From the very depths of the West of Europe,
A young child will be born of poor people,
He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop:
His fame will increase towards the realm of the East

Du plus profond de l'Occident d'Europe
De pauures gens vn jeune enfant naiſtra
Qui par ſa langue ſeduira grande troupe
Son bruit au regne d'Orient plus croiſtra
L1: <proof dEuteron pulpeD us><plus pouuered proof cOncl'ded><~incOcted pouuEr-propulseD flodden~ >undirEcted pre-deduction reinductEd

L2: <uuagers departeD / Depart infantaS nee june><tSarina genes uuarpeD><uuar genes><Transit uuarpeD genes><negress pauu raDiateS><june suuear genvs DiSparate / aSpirateD> raDiantS

L3: <uuierdS (Nordic fates) eQuip San-graal route><alaS gun reSidue a danger><a genuS upraiSal><eQuip arranged tour><proue aduiSer granted><andre rigaud><preQuote pariS><arraigned tour uSed> unoperated

L4: <uuar-bit iS orienteD on proclus Star><So it a pOinter riotS burn underage>< arSoniSt Orient uuarbit gender><uuarbit negrOid arSoniSt preconsult><urge Subarration end><i preconsult uuatering Stars born><gender pOinter><arSon ignOred / girOnde unspelt criSto>
1: pre-deduction, deuuatering, reinducted, undirected, prequote, unedited, uuarbit, 
2: triple-sound, preconsult, uuinterage, condoled, pouudered, San-Graal, readapts,
3: aspirated / disparate, infantas, upraisal, pouuered, uuarped, uuaiter,
4: unoperated, unspelt, readapt, uuagers, Giraud / Rigaud, negress,
5: fondled / Flodden, pouuder, Gautier,
6: arraigned, Proclus, radiates, arraign, Brunos / suborn,
7: pulped, instant, curios, Bruno,
8: incocted, parade, upped, pauu,
9: Gironde / ignored / negroid, transit / Tristan,
10: Pasquier, departs, cloc, genus,
11: pointer / protein, Lupus, uueeds, burn,
12: radiants, deuteron, barons, sabon,
13: oriented,
14: -,
15: arsonist, underage, uaried, uuears, uuares, suuear, stars,
16: deriues, residue,
17: triads, turned, cci,
18: aduiser,
19: -,
20: arranged, astride, tirades, proof, inept,
21: taints, june,
22: -,
23: -.

pre-deduction, dewatering, undirected, prequote, war-bit, condoled, San-Graal, readapts, infantas, disparate, upraisal, warped, waiter, wager, Rigaud, negress, Flodden, powder, radiates, instant, parade, arraigns, incocted, negroid, transit, Deuteron, radiants, burn, underage, arsonist, proof, inept, adviser, tirades, taint, June.




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