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Nostradamus C6 Q59: The clone is conceived as revenge for adultery.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse the woman who is the mother of the clone takes part in the scheme as an act of revenge against her adulterous husband. But his revenge sees the experimentors put to detah in a horrible fashion.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

fewer-mend purer rage deregulated
Dame en fureur par rage d'adultere

prison neuroendocrine driven invader parson Copernicans overidden
Viendra a ſon Prince coniurer non de dire

ensure brains fibres encourages superlative genus reveal evil Serbia force repute alive
Nais bref cogneu ſera le vitupere

Tamar expatriatism rite quieter modernist dismiss six steps
Que ſeront mis dixſept a martire
The Lady in fury through rage of adultery,
She will come to conspire not to tell her Prince
But soon will the blame be made known,
So that seventeen will be put to martyrdom.
Dame en fureur par rage d'adultere
Viendra a ſon Prince coniurer non de dire
Nais bref cogneu ſera le vitupere
Que ſeront mis dixſept a martire
L1: <feuuer-men altereD duad rage><maD / Dam deregulated><adult (r)aged ere preuuar enfamed><regard / gerard a purer adult fun>adage dream

L2: <ion a dire end coPernicanS driven><neuroendocrine inVader in ParSon><a PriSon inVader><inVader ParSon deride norn>

L3: <~repute An evil encourageS fibres / briefs><eruptive braiNs / serbiaN real uSe gone><~sabiNe force genuS reveal it pure~><generouS brainS repute alive><serbiaN relativeS / verSatile><it revalueS peer braiNs>Several Superlative bias

L4: <moderniSts Queer expatriatiSm~><monSter Spermata reQuite><~tamar mentor Queries disx step~>six equerries.
1: neuroendocrine, fibres, expatriatism, Copernicans, deride, superlative, deregulated, overidden, equerries,
2: feuuer-men, modernists,
3: eruptive, spermata, preuuar,
4: modernist, relatives / versatile, requiter, stepx,
5: encourages, dried, adage,
6: generous, revalues, reveal,
7: brains,
8: requites, duad,
9: -
10: quieter / requite, Ben-Sira / Serbian, Tamar, genus,
11: -
12: reveals / several, rerun,
13: altered / related, Gerard / regard, ribs,
14: prison,
15: queries, 
16: cog,
17: Serbia, adult, purer, add,
18: -
19: repute,
20: died,
21: -
22: basin, avile / alive, Medea,
23: -

 brains, neuroendocrine, fibres, Copernicans, deride, superlative, expatriatism, deregulated, feuuer-men, overidden, modernists, eruptive, spermata, prewar, modernist, relatives, encourages, generous, steps, reveal, dire, adage, revalues, duad, altered, several, requite, Tamar, genus, queries, regard, Serbia, adult, prison, add, repute, died, alive. 

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