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Nostradamus C7 Q9: Mother of Jesus clone conceives when drugged by guards.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse relates the sad circumstances of the woman who bears the Jesus-clone. In several verses there is the story of adulterous behaviour while her husband is away. She is seduced by a lustful man and passes on his sexual disease. Together these veses tell us this woman is honoured as being part of Jesus lineage and chosen by a sect to host the clones. In the anagrams of the current verse we see this same tale expanded to the religious and financial reasons behind her seduction. Other parts indicate the code is hidden as a song of prayer within this verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Madelaine balances basal scene encodes song ascendable grandson anticipa[t]ed
Dame a l'abſence de ſon grand capitaine

Years repairs made our words revoic[e] prayers
Sera priee d'amours du Viceroy

finance importance sees morse meet Maltese hamlet where use arsenites
Faincte promeſſe et mal heureuſe eſtraine

rosary enter yes-no eternalism Milanese guards guardians carbine sorry sentry
Entre les mains du grand prince Barroys.
The lady in the absence of her great master
will be begged for love by the Viceroy.
Feigned promise and misfortune in love,
in the hands of the great Prince of Bar.
Dame a l'abſence de ſon grand capitaine
Sera priee d'amours du Viceroy
Faincte promeſſe et mal heureuſe eſtraine
Entre les mains du grand prince Barroys.
L1: <madaleine encodes base><made ascendable><maiden condense><male absence><song base><grandson named> medea baal basal madelaine organs balances

L2: <i made vi prayers uuords core>years medea scurvied uroedema repair adom ormus(society) rosy romus viceroy orsmud(magian good diurge) suuord repairs

L3: <i use finance rates><uuhere metal importance seems fainter><uuhere some maltese resets>elseuuhere easter istar moses encript esteems merops arsenites centuries maleuth(lun 10thsef) enif hamlet eurus teresa reuse uuheelers pectin steers

L4: <and drugs in males><sorry guardians enter><guards main> brenac barer rosary milanese aim encryptions relents carbine stoney eternalism steamliner iames rosy seminal bear masniel streamline sameline brace
1: importance, scurvied, absence,
2: -
3: streamlines, guardians, madelaine, madaleine, elseuuhere, balances, condense, carbine, prayers, hamlet, sentry,
4: ascendable, maleuth, rosary, sorry,
5: uuheelers, arsenites, uroedema, finance, maltese, suuord, uuords,
6: eternalism, steamliner, streamline, brenac, drugs,
7: grandson, merops, esteems,
8: guards, repays, pitai,
9: fainter, smelter, adom,
10: basal,
11: milanese, uuhere,
12: stoney,
13: encript, organs, moses, seuuer,
14: -
15: vice,
16: ormus, romus,
17: encodes, detain, beans,
18: yesno, luher,
19: -
20: arsenite, repairs, maiden, years,
21: -
22: amour, medea, medea, song,
23: masniel, seminal,

Key Ideas:

scurvied, absence, importance, streamlines, Madelaine, ascendable, guardians, eternalism, balances, prayers, Wheelers, grandson, condense, arsenites, uroedema, Maltese, hamlet, finance, sentry, Milanese, rosary, encript, fainter, words, aims, maiden, sorry, drugs, vice, years,

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